A poem: The Bright

The Bright


Will you talk to me about what goes on in the light?

Beyond my shimmering, shaking sight?


I will tell you of the moonbeams

Of colorful, iridescent silent streams

If you will just tell me what goes on in the bright

So far out of my sight.


I will tell you how I captured thunder in my skull

How lightning is contained within me without lull

If you will tell me the secrets outside my window

So far beyond my sorrow.

Nikki Albert



This is another migraine related poem I have written for a Facebook (Migraineur Misfits) site I help admin for. We try to raise awareness about migraines by posting articles and images. I was struck by a moment of inspiration and wrote this piece about isolation, pain and auras. This yearning to know what goes on in every day life while I am trapped at home in the dark. Here is the image I pieced together for it:

The Bright poem


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