Google Docs

It seems that Google Docs seems to have the best app so far for viewing and editing a document on my Samsung tablet. This happens to work out for me since I am starting to work fresh on a couple new novels which means I can use that as my platform. I have in the past used it as a way to get around the problem of having different word programs on my computer than my laptop… and endless frustration to be honest. I find Google Docs to be one of a few ways to get around that problem with ease. I stopped using it for a bit and typing primarily on my main computer for the end of my last novel simply because I am comfortable using Microsoft word for Smashword editing. I know how to set up my document into an ebook format that is.

However, now that we are back at the beginning again I like that I can type wherever I dam well please on whatever device I damn well please. Without having to worry about what damn format it is in.

I am going to give this a real good trial run with the beginning of the novel I am starting right now. If it pans out then I will also use if for the series novel start I will be starting soon here as well.

Yay, finally, a all around solution to the tablet writing issue.


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