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Trying to get my tech savvy on

So I have this new Samsung tablet I have been getting used to. So far, yes, I have a lot of games. Yes, indeed I do. However, I want to get a little more tech savvy with it. I have my dropbox on it. I even downloaded Evernote. I feel all connected now. But having a app that I can write on would be perfect. I have messed around with a few now and none have quite worked out. As in being able to take something from dropbox and continuing on from it. Lots of little writing programs to start writing in. Or for notes. But I want a little more functionality.

Not that I can have too much functionality. My tablet is the smaller version. So that makes the keyboard quite small. And frankly I never have gotten quite used to typing on these things. Yet I think it would be great for editing or smaller pieces maybe.

Has a great WordPress app on there. That I enjoy.

I rather like the idea of using Evernote as well. I was playing around with that today and setting it up on all devices, which is a nice advantage. I have messed around with apps in the past between the iPhone and the computer and never been quite satisfied. However, with this tablet in play I desired something that would work between all the devices. And this works great. I like the photo feature too. I have forever taking little novel notes and then forgetting about them. Now before I toss those pieces of paper I can snap a picture of them and save them with a tag to search for them later. Or links on sites you want to research later. Images you want to use later. Take a photo you want to use later for a blog post. You see, I am not always organized in my spontaneous creativity. Or where my spontaneous creativity occurs. Or how it occurs. I think Evernote will help organize that a little. Along with all the many, many other things in my life I really love to forget while I am thinking about other things. Now… to remember to bring my Samsung places. Or at the very least to Charge my freaking phone when I leave the house.

I am currently pretty old school with my novel notes I must say. I have these wee little notebooks for each novel I do. They are tiny little things so they are easy to store and I do not waste paper. I imagine using the Samsung writer app for novel notes would be a good idea actually. I do not do an insane amount of notes really. Just a few of the basics I like to refer back to. Characters. Interesting facts. Some basic plot ideas.

2014-07-23 02.31.57

These notebooks work mind you. As you can see… slim.  However I did see one sort of journal style program app that you could import from dropbox. It looked like a good style for folders of Novel notes.

Only one, that came from the Samsung so far has any real functionality for working on a novel it seems. The letters are small but it allows the text to load. It allows me to edit. I will have to see how well it works for actually typing and transferring back to the computer. Otherwise I will just use it as a read and edit tool.


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