Sex euphemisms

No one said it was easy coming up with sex euphemisms. Straight up biological terms simply don’t cut it. So you have to come up with creative ways around it. Some of them are really giggle worthy. I am sure you have heard a few and groaned or giggled at them.

Book Riot has listed some of the best sex euphemisms used and they are some good ones. I have definitely seen them as well. So check out this: Euphemisms For Body Parts In Romance Novels : A Ranking for a laugh.

Here are some of the mentions:

Manhood: I have seen this one a lot. I think it is a ‘soft’ way of getting around it really. A real weak term that is least likely to offend to be honest.

Steel wrapped in velvet: weeeeeellll, it is hard and silky so that works. At least it is better than Manroot. There is that.

Love button: Well, it does turn a woman on. But does the man know how to get them off, that is the question. Hehe.

Worth a good laugh anyway. Until you write a sex scene and are faced with these damn euphemisms that is. Just stay away from Manroot and Nub though. For the love of all the is holy.


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