Canadian, eh?


I once had pondered with a friend what a toque was in fact called in other places if not a toque? Knitted head warmer? Knitted cap? Winter cap? Or another specific term unique to that area? I am just not sure what it is.

There are in fact a lot of Canadian terms not used in the US at least due to the British influence on our language. And then there is the French influence on our language. And then the Canadian influence on our language. However, we do share a border with the US so not like some of these words listed have not bled across. As some of theirs have come this way. But there are a lot of obvious differences. We travel in kilometers not miles. We spell words like color as colour and that is only one difference between the spelling system. There are also words like travelled and levelled. Americans drop that second L. And we definitely pronounce Zee as Zed when doing the alphabet.

However other words like washroom and bathroom are both used where I am from. And words like Chesterfield are known but not regularly used as have been replaced by couch. Each province has their own little quirks though. And certain words they use or don’t use.

As a writer though it is always interesting to see what terms are not well known but are more regional to your area. It is pretty fascinating, eh?


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