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What book have you read more than once and would read again?



What book have you read more than once and would read again?

If you are like me whenever you run out of books you know you have plenty others you can read again.

I have some I have read many times over like Great book of Amber which has the entire Chronicles of Amber in it. I can read that series over and over again. I have at least a dozen times since the age of 16.

Another series would be Kate Elliot’s Crown of star’s series which starts with King’s Dragon: Crown of Stars #1

Then there is another series I have read quite a few times and that would be Mercedes Lackey’s Last Herald-Mage trilogy that begins with Magic’s Pawn (Last Herald-Mage). I have read a few of her trilogies more than once actually but that one I really have enjoyed so it is the top of the read frequently list.

I could go on really. All the books in my library remain in my library because they are the books I will read again. If they are mediocre and I will not read them again they get weeded out and donated. I don’t have the space to keep ones that I will not really enjoy… given I keep adding books. Obviously the older ones have been really well read at this point.

What ones would you have on this list?



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