What draws you to pick up a book you’ve never seen or heard of before?

That is an interesting question. I suppose the answer is that my favorite authors take too long to write so I go book hunting. I love going into a book store and browsing for something new and interesting, which is a good thing given how much I read. I don’t care if it is an unknown writer or it is their first book. If I read the back and the plot intrigues me then I will flip it open and read a few lines… if those lines have a good tone to them, then I’ll get it. And it is true I have found a few that have disappointed me but I have found a lot of good reads and a lot of awesome ones. And a great deal in the middle there somewhere. Very few flunk right out. I never pick a book because it is highly recommended by the media. The few times I have those books have been very disappointing. Really didn’t get why they were so appealing to be honest. Can I just say Da Vinci Code. I will take the recommendations of people on Goodreads for example. If I am shopping for a Kindle book I always find it harder to know what I am getting than browsing in real life, so I may want to see what others have said about the author or series first. But if you go solely on reviews you would never try authors out. So sometimes I’ll give an author a go on the first book they have. If I quite enjoy it then I will read through the entire series like fire. And be sad when I am done.


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