Words with no direct English translation

You should check out this Huffpost called 28 Genius Depictions Of Words With No Direct English Translation I posted a few I enjoyed here….

slide_348793_3717787_freeThere is no way I could pronounce this one which is German

But it seems to me it is an awesome word. We should really have one like it in English.

slide_348793_3717791_freeThat word expresses such a perfect experience. Love it!

slide_348793_3717797_freeThere should be a word for that effect. And there is.


slide_348793_3717804_freeI find it odd there is word for this one, but there you are. And a massive word at that.

slide_348793_3717807_freeThis on intrigued me.

slide_348793_3717809_freeYeah this is me. Totally friolero here.

This will be me in the future. Future me is a gattara.

Must be a culture of readers that they made a term for this. Love it! I just call that my to read stack, and if it is a book that is not so great it goes to my fallback stack (to be read when the other stack is dry).

slide_348793_3717813_freeAh I thought that was just my name. My mistake. Of course there are more of us out there.



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