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Where do you write?

2014-05-05 16.44.09I can tell you that I tend to write at night tucked into this little corner of my office. I have some serious clutter going on there and I am completely good with that.  I like to be surrounded by a certain amount of clutter. I used to also write on my laptop in the living room whenever the mood took me but I get annoyed with the lack of compatibility with software. I remember a time when that wasn’t such a complaint but it is getting on my nerves these days. So I generally stick to the main computer. Unless I have something small to write which I can work up on the laptop and finish on the main one. Also the main thing about my office that most people do not like is that I rather control the light to a severe degree. I have blackout curtains over closed blinds. And I have a soft light source behind me. For me, it is quite important to have controlled light because I have quite nasty photophobia. I can work on the computer longer if I control the light around me as well as control the light on the computer. You won’t find me in a cafe though. While I like the idea of a change of scenery I really am a night owl type of writer. I would be hard-pressed to find an establishment that keeps my hours. It would be awesome if they did. Nothing better than good coffee and writing.

I doubt where we write says much about us. I can really write anywhere. And I have. What I think that matters is that it is comfortable. That we can settle in and become absorbed by our story. Some of us like the clutter. Some of us I expect are quite neat and everything has its place. Some of us need no distractions. Some of us could write in the busiest of locations and not be fazed by it.

I think it is more interesting where more famous writers write.

medium_gaiman2_1Neil Gaiman (Source)

Charles DarwinCharles Darwin (Source)

medium_James_Patterson_s_OfficeJames Patterson (Source)

medium_Jodi_PicoultJodi Picoult (Source)


4 thoughts on “Where do you write?”

  1. I am very portable. I have switched to a tiny laptop I can drag everywhere. Sometimes I need to be behind a closed door. Other times I need more external energy and find myself anywhere with people and good Wi-Fi. Whatever works, right!


    1. I agree completely. I tend to be quite the night owl writer but I also have one of those wee laptops which I find a great deal easier to bring with me anywhere I go. When I feel the desire to be less hermit inclined I will intentionally find a location that has that external vibe to it.


    1. I love people watching when I am out and about so I can understand that. However, I am a real hermit so not out often. Although a change in scenery sometimes really helps with creativity so I can totally see how changing the atmosphere you are in helps with the flow.


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