Suckered in by a free book

For my birthday my spouse bought me a new Samsung tablet and I have been having a great deal of fun playing around on it. One app I have found is a Kindle app that links to all my Kindle books. I thought to myself why not? There could be a time I do not have a book on me or my Kindle and could be Saved by this app from complete and utter boredom. Generally I do not read on such devices because the lighting is not migraine friendly, but, if I had nothing… well, yes, I would.

That established I discovered to my infinite delight that the Samsung Kindle app offers a free book a month with its service. How awesome is that? Free. Book.

You just can’t go wrong with a free book really.

Except you can apparently with the one I picked. It was what I call a fluff book anyway. Looked like a random romance really. I am fine with a fluff book every once in a while. Doesn’t take much concentration. Always has a happy ending with some good resolution. Easy reads. Not all romances are in this category, some are a little more intense or detailed. Not a genre I generally read but I do from time to time. But some are clearly fluffier than others. So I thought I would start reading it today to try out the device. See what it was like to read on. And… I am not entirely sure at this point what type of story it is. It is so very dull I think I started daydreaming while reading. And speed reading in hopes something would begin to happen. Nothing has. I think I might actually finish it before anything happens. I really have no idea if it is a romance, to be honest. I think it is doubtful at this point. It is like reading the day to day activities of a rather boring character that nothing particular happens to. What the hell right? I feel like murdering one of her friends to spice up the plot. Or make her boss a vampire. And her neighbor a werewolf. Yeah, all of that. So far, in the beginning of the novel, she moved across the country to start a new job… and it is going all right. She has a boyfriend that she doesn’t see often… but it is going all right. She is starting a business… and it is working out well. She isn’t sure about one of her co-workers… but there have been no problems with the chick. So, you know, absolutely no conflict in the first thirty percent of the novel. Awesome. I am so… enthralled.

But… can’t complain. It was free after all. And I will get another free one next month. I will choose that one far more carefully I think.

My decision now is do I finish reading this, maybe when I have nothing else to read? Or just ditch it. Maybe the plot goes hyper speed for all I know. The insanely slow pace and lack of, well, anything so far has rather irked me at this point. But that being said I wasn’t expecting too much from it to begin with. A light, easy read. Just not quite so light.


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