Some migraine poetry

I don’t often write poetry. It isn’t really a form I am well versed in. But I participate every year in a migraine poetry contest. It is just for fun and to raise awareness about migraines. So for that reason, I write poetry. One of my entries called “Dancing on the Dagger’s Edge” won last year. Since this is my writing-related blog I thought I would share them on here as well. I just have the two I can locate.


Poem-dancing on daggers edge


Dancing on the Dagger’s Edge

Dance on the dagger’s edge
Feel the slice; cut but not slain
Dance on the dagger’s edge
Prick every nerve with fiery pain

Cut on the dagger’s blade
Fight the battle; war but no victory
Cut on the dagger’s blade
Struggle to survive with no mercy

Stabbed by the dagger’s point
Suffer the agony; pain but no bloodshed.
Stabbed by the dagger’s point
I am slain but not bled.

Poem #2

Shut Down

Time inches forward with the sluggish mind lagging,

Thousands of iridescent sparkles dance in the sky,

with worms of light and pain twisting inside the eyes.

Noise is piercing but hearing is muffled

I speak and forget and mumble the jumble.

At first the very small knot of electrical pain,

Then shoots through the brain,

Reflecting off the bone.

Do not move, do not moan.

Aggressive is the light,

Do not think, do not fight.

There is just the pain;

Skull throbbing,

Shooting pain,

Eyes aching,

Too much

Shut Down

Into the




2 thoughts on “Some migraine poetry”

  1. For someone who claims they are not well versed in poetry, nor someone who writes poetry often, you sure did manage to write two solid pieces. “Shutdown” is a timely piece that describes the stages of a migraine in a descriptive and visual manor. While “Dancing on the Dagger’s Edge” describes the battle that takes place during a migraine attack, its a battle that is often lost. However, you are never slain, somehow you always get back up to fight another day. Great job, hope to see some more poetry from you in the future.


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