When did you start writing?

When did you start writing?. ”

“You should do a blog post asking everyone how they got into the writing that they do, how long ago, etc.Which is a great question 🙂

So how did everyone’s writing journey begin?

I guess for me… I’ve been writing since I was young. I started keeping a daily journal when I was eleven-years-old and I still write in it to this day. I started writing fiction when I was sixteen or seventeen. That was the age I started getting into fandoms so I wrote a lot of fanfiction and read a lot of fanfiction.”


I started writing fiction when I was twelve. I was a what you call a born insomniac. I’ve had insomnia since I was a kid and when I entered those teen years I had all the angst to go with it. Worrying about things I could not possibly change. Laying there rolling conversations over in my mind and playing them out different ways. It didn’t take a genius to realize that with already well-established insomnia I was never going to get anywhere worrying and thinking about things that were contrary to getting to sleep. So instead I would read until I was ‘tired’ and then I would daydream about those books. Sort of playing the scenes forward in my mind. Even after a book was finished I would carry it forward. It didn’t take long before I created my own world and my own characters and would endlessly daydream about them.

And my insomnia is pretty profound so this would be hours in a night that I had nothing to do but either contemplate the universe (if you went to the edge of the universe… what is beyond it?) or this plotlines. Eventually, I would write down conversations, outlines, and chapters. My first novel wasn’t all that long really, just a hundred pages. But I still remember it. I remember the world, the plot and the main character. Mostly because I remember I could never get it right. Not how I had it in my head anyway. And that is why you keep writing. You have this story that you just keep thinking about and needs to get out. And you want to get it right.

To this day that insomnia is still there and to this day that is what I do when I am trying to fall asleep… daydream about plots and characters. And sometimes I end up dreaming about the book I am reading or writing which is a fun little






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