Writing with migraines is an adventure in words

1170758_643956445623349_1850617627_nYou spell a word right but your brain stares at it and stares at it. No, it doesn’t Look right. But must be. Right?

Then there are the ones where you forget how to spell a word entirely. And spell check doesn’t help because even it cannot tell what the hell you are trying to spell. And your like I know it has a c, e and i in it… just not too sure about the rest of it. Thank god for dictionaries.

Then there are days when you are editing and find the errors you made when writing with a migraine. Like using the wrong words… one that looked like or sounded like the word, but means something completely different. And sometimes over and over your brain decides that is the word to use.  Thankfully spellcheck and grammar check pick up the other weird typos. Of transposed letters and wrong tenses.

I look at simple words…. simple words… and question whether I spelled them right. My brain insists it is wrong even when it is right. Because my brain is freaking on fire. A neurological fire that makes it incapable of using language properly. I for one love spellcheck and grammar check to weed out those migraine errors. Although some… I need to dig out myself.

All I am saying is that I am having a real blast editing this final draft. So fun. *Ahhhhhhhhhh*




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