What a cute pest my cat is lately


My cat Bobby is really becoming a writing distraction. He has always been the sort of cat that needs to be in your lap when you are typing. Sort of wedges his way under your armpit and settles in there. I can handle that.

Lately, though he has decided he needs to sit right beside the keyboard and become fascinated with the screen. In particular, fascinated with the mouse pointer on the screen. And attacks it. Repeatedly. If I dare move it to the other side of the screen, he goes and sits over there to attack it. And thus, sits on my mouse controller to do so. Slightly problematic.

Also, I might have mentioned previously I have chronic migraines, so I take a fistful of preventative medications… that don’t actually prevent migraines but I take them anyway in the hopes they might prevent a migraine. I put these pills by the computer so I remember to take them at night. And Bobby has taken a liking for them as well. Keeps on trying to lick them. And to prevent him from actually doing so, or worse, eating them I have to play hide the pills or take them early. I played hide the pills under a pop bottle cap… and forgot to take them. This would be why I put them into my direct line of sight. I seriously cannot fathom his survival skills here. One of those pills is a sleeping pill that literally tastes like condensed bitterness. You could not make it more bitter if you tried. It is the essence of bitter. Since ‘bitter’ usually means poison I have no idea why he wants to lick it. As soon as it touches my tongue I want to gag so I have no idea where the fascination is coming from. Trust me when I say, he is very compelled to lick it. I cannot just move them. It must be out of sight. Damn things are like catnip for him.

I would just close the computer room door but then he would scratch to get in and squeak meow pitifully.

2012-09-25_1348615825Who can so no to that face, eh?


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