Book Review: Chosen An Alex Verus Novel By Benedict Jacka

Chosen (Alex Verus) If you rate a novel based on how you read it so intently you read it all night and finished in the morning then it is a great book. Although I was in a book deprivation state when I got it, so I might have consumed it simply because I was in withdrawal. But it was that good, I got that engaged in it and just didn’t want to put it down. So I didn’t

This is the fourth book in the series and I consumed all three prior to it with equal enthusiasm. I like the main character, Alex Verus, a diviner who can see probable futures, which rather gives him an edge on getting out of trouble. They were full of action, great storylines, and good reads. I like these… wizard urban fantasy type stories.

And well, if you liked those ones… this one steps it up a notch. More action. Even Luna gets in on it and does a damn good job of it.

And we have Alex’s past finally meeting his present here. It goes well with the backstory we already know and culminates in this one.

Okay, he is no Harry Dresden, but I love those stories with a passion. Alex is a wizard of a different sort and does a damn good job of it I think.

If you have not started it and are interested in this wizard sort of urban fantasy. Then this is the first book in the series:Fated (Alex Verus)


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