Amazon finds its books aren’t welcome at many bookstores

This is in regards to their paper based venture, not obviously their ebook venture which would not be on the bookshelves… I do use them, and others, for ebook publishing. Not sure I would for paper based. Hard to say. I was always open to options.

I have set aside that ambition for a while because it was time consuming to try and find publishers who don’t take agents, or try and find an agent and at the same time wondering what to do with manuscripts that were piling up. Well time consuming if you work full time and also have chronic pain and therefore your time is rather constrained to specific things. Also a waste of time to self-publish in paper I found. So ebooks are awesome and Kindle is one of the best I found for that, but then I’m still exploring. Now if I had more energy to explore the option again then I would look for a small publisher… not too small mind you, but not too large either. But then again… if I explored that option its not like you really can choose… and more often than not you have to find an agent first. So it is a matter of sending out numerous letters to agents first. The rejection letters make great wallpaper. Right before I started the ebook route I started getting a lot of the ‘due to the economy’ ones… likely still common in this market.

Amazon finds its books aren’t welcome at many bookstores


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