the quest

Love the feeling a finishing a novel

I just finsihed the second edit of a urban fantasy novel (to be named later, as only as a file name right now). I was thinking of ‘Coven Gang Wars Gone Bad’ or some such title. The novel is essential complete, just smoothing it out now. Now you can see the bit of a problem here… three novels complete. If I resist the temptation to self publish them, which i think I will for now, then you have to wonder should you try marketing them all, or focus on one? I really should compile a good list of the agents I want to send to and pick which novel to try with them… but really, with that whole full time job thing, when would I find the time? I am still picking agents to send to for Soul Dancer and have not even heard back from the ones I did send to. The other possibility of course is sending at least one of these to a publisher who takes material with an agent, while this takes a great deal longer, it makes me feel like I am covering more ground.

Obviously I have to slow down on the writing for a bit and focus more on the marketing. What a drag.


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